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Friday Fun..... being born again!

After a period in the wilderness, Friday Fun is coming back to life. OK, so there isn't much here yet, but there will be, soon!

Just a reminder that, of the original content on Friday Fun, the jokes are now all at Triffle. You can still buy stuff from the Friday Fun shop, although there isn't a lot yet - hopefully, we'll be adding more soon. The lyrics have gone completely - there are plenty of other good lyric sites on the web, so there didn't seem to be any real point keeping them here. And the ringtones have gone, 'cos they're just too naff.

Anyway, to begin with, we've got the Friday Fun Britishnesss Test. With news that the official UK Citizenship test seems to be too hard for native Brits I thought I'd come up with my own. Go on, see just how British you really are with this simple test...

More games and quizzes will be along soon. Watch this space!

Friday Fun.....

...because every day should be at least partly Friday!

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